Soft Touch Collars – Padded Leather Dog Collar, Slimline Edition – Medium, Brown


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You asked for it , you got it. Just released our new Slimline Edition for customers that like a sleeker more thin sized collar for their special dog.

✓ SIZING INFORMATION: Fits Dog Neck Size 14.5 to 17.5 Inches – Width is 3/4 Inch – The Total Length of Dog Collar is 20 Inches

✓ VERY IMPORTANT: Please Measure Your Dogs Neck With A Soft Tape Measure Before Ordering. This Will Confirm Proper Size Collar To Order.

If You Do Not Have A Soft Tape Measure You Can Wrap A String Around Your Dogs Neck. Use Two Fingers Between His/Her Skin and the String. Mark the String and Then Measure with Normal Tape Measure.

Why keep ordering cheap dog collars when you can order a high quality leather dog collar. Our real leather padded dog collars are made to last. Every collar is handmade, hand-stitched from the finest genuine leather available. The hide is naturally tanned up to 40 days using ingredients derived from raw materials from nature. NO HARSH DYES OR CHEMICALS ARE USED. ✓

Other Added Benefits:

✓ The inside of collar is softly padded and protects your dogs neck from rubbing and irritation.

✓ Solid brass hardware that will not rust.

✓ The D-ring is located on top of the collar for an easy leash attachment.

✓ Need a place to put dog tags? No Problem, there is a separate ring next to buckle.

✓ As dog lovers ourselves, we designed a collar with your dogs needs in mind. Not only is this dog collar super sharp, but it is super strong and comfortable.

Check out our beautiful matching leather leash with padded handle – sold separately.

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  • ✓ YOU ASKED FOR IT, YOU GOT IT : Our new Slimline Edition for customers that like a more sleeker thin sized collar. If slimline is not for you, please check our other listing
  • ✓ FITS DOG NECK SIZE 14.5 to 17.5 INCHES – Width is 3/4 inch – Total Length of Collar is 20 inches – (Please measure your dogs neck size before ordering.) LOOKS GREAT WITH OUR MATCHING PADDED DOG LEASH
  • ✓ BEAUTIFUL TWO TONE COLOR- BROWN AND CREAM WITH STYLISH BLACK TRIM- Your dog will look SUPER SHARP. This is a one of a kind designed leather dog collars at a great price.
  • ✓ SOLID BRASS BUCKLE WITH LACQUERED FINISH – Brass hardware will not rust like other cheap dog collars. OUR COLLARS ARE HAND-STITCHED HANDMADE- The inside is softly padded and protects your dogs skin from rubbing and irritation. As dog lovers ourselves, we made these dog collars for the utmost supreme comfort for your dog. No short cuts taken.
  • ✓ EASY LEASH ATTACHMENT WITH LARGE D-RING ON TOP OF COLLAR -Easy is Always Better, Right? Every collar is handmade with strong, durable yet soft solid leather. The Leather is naturally tanned with NO HARSH CHEMICALS OR DYES.


















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