Soft Touch Collars is a family-owned brand of premium-quality dog leashes and collars based out of Southern California. As owners of four wonderful dogs, the team at Soft Touch knows that quality, comfort, design and price are all important factors that play key roles when making a purchase decision for your pet–especially one as important as the leash and collar that will help ensure his safety while outdoors. Soft Touch Collars are known for the excellent craftsmanship of their handmade matching leather dog collars and leashes. Each collar is beautifully handstitched using only the finest genuine full-grain leather and thoughtfully designed with a soft, padded sheepskin leather lining to prevent chafing or irritation. They are also engineered to be tough and durable with sealed edges and solid brass hardware that’s lacquered to prevent rust. Soft Touch takes great pride in providing top-notch customer service and believe strongly in the superiority of their products.